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Aurora TV 8


Comcast Spotlight : Bel Rea


Altitude Sports : Pre -Game on Location


26' Haunted House Concert Set for Skrillex vs. Knife Party

Teleporter DRCOG

Teleporter Display for DRCOG to promote alternative transportation options


KUSA Interview set re branded for BRONCOS pre game show


Beck vs. Spitzer debate on DISH Network


KUSA - Colorado and CO. Interview Set


Daily Blast Live - Studio Set

2016-08-30 12.14.27

Denver Set Design

Mercenaries get the job done.

History books say that the Persian Empire preferred hiring Greek mercenaries to their own army. It’s easy to see why.

They want you to succeed and they don’t stop until the boss is satisfied. That’s how we operate at Scenic Mercenary Inc.


 We create props, sets, elements, rooms, heck, even whole worlds of imagination for film, TV, theater, advertising and more. We can help you design. build and even handle logistics. Our job is to work with your team to make your project a success. We’ll plan it, build it, break it down, put it up and show you how it works.

Bring us your creative ideas. We’ll build them.

Featured Projects

Aurora TV 8

The City of Aurora had the 'Mercs design and create a new set for their multiple award winning municipal programing. With a large space with many shooting options, easily changed backgrounds and the flexibility of built in LEDs in modern acrylic panels. 


TV One Set

A daily live post Democratic National Convention wrap up talk show featuring the Rev. Al Sharpton and Danny Glover

Created in partnership with Auricchio Designs LLC


Daily Blast Live

Nationaly Syndicated Daily New program produced by TEGNA

SMI Built set 2017, Revised set 2018 

Set Designed by Jack Morton, Desk designed by JHD Group

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